Greeting Cards?

The opposite of

Greeting Cards.

The antidote for

Greeting Cards.

The fucking greatest

Greeting Cards.

Unsigned. Sealed. Delivered.
I got bored and made some cards.

Check out my shit in the anti-social
media empire.

So what the hell are you doing here? Someone has pissed you off and you can't stop thinking about it, it's driving you crazy and you're here now because you want to return the favor. I can help with that shit.

You want to find some wicked mean card here and send it off. I can help with that shit. Just remember that if you're sending a card to a complete asshole it might make life easier to send it anonymously. I can definitely help with that shit.
Don't forget to check out the stuff about rules and anonymous crap. I mean it. And I hope you wanna be a member and join my club. I'll give you some free shit and it will be totally worth it. And don't forget that this site is just for shits and giggles.

up yours truly,

Wayne Kerr